Design As the creation of an internationally renowned French architect, Mekong View Tower 6 boasts sophisticated living in sumptuous surroundings. Designed around the concept of nature, the prestigious properties subtly blend a contemporary vision with a natural tone to help residents enjoy the serenity of being outside the city.

Mekong View Tower 6 at Night
Mekong View Tower 6 at Daytime
Swimming Pool
Mekong View Tower 6 at Closeup
Mekong View Tower 6 Hotel

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While the fresh, modern design of Mekong View Tower 6 pays testament to Phnom Penh’s rapid growth and modernisation, we have ensured it remains in keeping with the neighbouring landscape. The exterior has been artistically designed to replicate the fluidity of leaves, with stunning sweeping skirting the tower. To ensure a fresh breeze runs throughout the accommodation, two towers are connected by adjoining blocks, creating a contemporary feel while making the most of the available space.

TYPE: SA, 14 Units

TYPE: SB, 1 Unit

TYPE: SC, 1 Unit

TYPE: 1A, 28 Units

TYPE: 1B, 28 Units

TYPE: 1C, 28 Units

TYPE: 1D, 14 Units

TYPE: 1E, 11 Units

TYPE: 1F, 9 Units

TYPE: 1G, 2 Unit

TYPE: 1H, 2 Unit

TYPE: 1I, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2A, 14 Units

TYPE: 2B, 12 Units

TYPE: 2C, 14 Units

TYPE: 2D, 14 Units

TYPE: 2E, 14 Units

TYPE: 2F, 14 Units

TYPE: 2G, 14 Units

TYPE: 2H, 5 Units

TYPE: 2I, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2J, 6 Units

TYPE: 2K, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2L, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2M, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2N, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2M, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2O, 1 Unit

TYPE: 2P, 1 Unit

TYPE: 3A, 2 Units

TYPE: 3B, 2 Units

TYPE: 3C, 1 Unit

TYPE: 4A, 1 Unit

TYPE: 4B, 2 Units

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The building has been innovatively designed to offer the convenience of condominium living combined with the solitude of staying outside the city through the tranquil green getaways nestled on each floor. The lush rooftop gardens that sit atop the 20-storey tower have been created to evoke the feeling of being at one with nature. Natural materials have also been used, where possible, throughout.